This post is about CHEESE

“I would go vegan, but I could NEVER give up cheese!” said every vegetarian ever. Fortunately, you don’t have to!!

Here’s a list of foods you can STILL EAT(!!!) as a vegan:
-mac & cheese
-grilled cheese
-loaded baked potatoes
-cheesy stuffed peppers, mushrooms, you name it!


Here are my recommendations (can be found at Kroger and/or Publix and Whole Foods):
-Daiya shredded cheddar, mozzarella, and pepperjack (best when melted, less is more!!)
-Follow Your Heart shredded cheese varieties (if you’re not a fan of Daiya)
-Daiya jalapeno havarti block (best with crackers- doesn’t melt well)
-Daiya swiss slices (amazing for grilled cheese/paninis)
-Follow Your Heart gouda (omg)
-Daiya cheddar mac & cheese
-Soul Vegetarian in Atlanta has the BEST mac & cheese hands down (foodgasm)
-Non-hydrogenated Tofutti cream cheese (great for recipes, and bagels)
-Tofutti sour cream (for enchiladas, tacos, etc)
-Pure cashew cheese (if ur feelin fancy) $$$
-Chao slices $$
-Amy’s Vegan Margherita Pizza


But does it taste as good? I think it does! Taste is subjective- it’s also adaptable! If the taste isn’t quite what you are used to, it will grow on you. My parents and brothers can attest! 

Cheese may be delicious, but it’s pretty disgusting if you think about it.


There is a reason cheese is typically the last thing to go for aspiring vegans- it is physically addictive. When people talk about being cheese addicts- it’s no joke. There is a protein in breast milk called casein, which is basically crack cocaine for babies. This is advantageous- breast milk is very nourishing and we want our babies to grow. But there is a point of course, where we are weaned from our mother’s milk. This same protein exists in other species’ milk, and it is highly concentrated in cheese. Therefore, cheese = crack. It’s time to wean yourself off of this saturated fat and cholesterol laden, cancer promoting, constipating “food.” 

I hear you- vegan cheese isn’t real “food” either. It is processed crap. But what makes you think real cheese isn’t processed crap? What makes you think consuming coagulated bovine secretions is natural? Vegan cheese, despite having more ingredients (gasp!) is a healthier alternative. It is lower in fat, and contains no cholesterol, casein, hormones, pus, or blood. Although I advocate for a whole foods, plant based diet (to look and FEEL your best), I view it as a spectrum. Processed food is okay in moderation. And if you read the ingredients in some of the more “gourmet” vegan cheeses, they’re not as scary as you’d think. 


You’d be surprised by how delicious and satisfying things can be without cheese. A burrito at Chipotle, for example, does NOT need cheese. Amy’s No Cheese Pizza is the BOMB. Nutritional yeast adds a nice cheesy flavor to veggies, pasta, and popcorn. I love vegan cheese, but it’s not a staple in my diet. 

How to use less plastic

What waste

Reduce, reuse, recycle. We’ve heard it all before. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE RECYCLE. But as a mindful consumer, your focus should be on consuming LESS. Here is a non-exhaustive list of ways to reduce your consumption of plastic:

1. Buy a reusable water bottle and get used to carrying it.
I bring my water bottle everywhere I go. Not only will you stay hydrated, you will save so much plastic! No need to buy bottled water, or grab a plastic water cup when you’re eating at Chipotle or wherever. Side note: if you have a CamelBak, be sure to wash it regularly.

2. Bring your own bags to the grocery store.
This is simple and easy, yet so few people do it! Once you get in the habit, you’ll rarely forget! If you’re out and about and don’t have them with you, and you have to stop by the store for a few things- no need for a bag. You have two hands- use them!

My mom just informed me of this life hack because I was complaining about having razor bumps from using the same dull razor for months because a) razors are expensive, and b) I hate using plastic. Apparently, what makes razors dull is moisture! Not overuse! Who knew?? Razors can last for YEARS if you blow dry them after you shower and keep them in a dry place.

4. Girls (and anyone who is biologically female and gets a period): buy o.b. Tampons!!
They come without an applicator, and they are easy to insert! If you want to be super eco-savvy, consider a menstrual cup! I have several friends who swear by them! 

5. Don’t be a lazy shit- skip packaged produce.
There is no reason why you cannot cut a damn pineapple, or rinse and chop lettuce/veggies. (I am not perfect in this regard…)

If you’re too lazy to cook, just eat at the damn restaurant. If you have the tendency to not finish your meal and ask for a to-go box, get in the habit of bringing Tupperware!!! Stash some in your car- you can always run out and grab it. Remember: Styrofoam is not recyclable.

7. Don’t use straws.
If you’re at a restaurant, do you really need a straw? No. 

sea turtle
8. Give up soda.
If you are a habitual soda-drinker or Diet Coke addict, give that shit up! I mean, you know it’s terrible for you, and you’d be happier and healthier without it. It’s a waste of plastic/aluminum. Same goes for beer. If you’re crushing 6 packs regularly, you need to reevaluate your life choices. Think about the oceans.

9. Use up toiletry items.
Make-up, shampoo, toothpaste, lotion, lip balm, etc. Don’t throw it away until you’ve squeezed out every last bit. This will save you money too!

10. Watch this video and don’t let Henry down!! 

Follow these people!!!

Matt and Phil Letten aka the Vegan Bros
These guys are the gods of the vegan movement. Their positive attitude is contagious. Want to be a more effective activist? LISTEN TO THE VEGAN BROS. Adopting their approach is IMPERATIVE. Follow them on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat. Visualize #veganworlddomination and #doepicshit. 

Tobias Leenaert aka the Vegan Strategist
Great blog that goes along with the Vegan Bros’ message. 

Vegan Sidekick
I mean, duh. Facebook and Instagram. 

VS- i retract everything

Mic. the Vegan
If you want to learn about nutrition and the corruption in our food system, follow Mic. the Vegan. He not only cites peer reviewed medical studies, but he explains them. Check out his YouTube channel.

Michelle Muench aka bananablondie108
She’s forty years old, a mother of two, and fit as fuck. She didn’t start her yoga practice until her mid-twenties, and her consistency has paid off. She inspired me to start a daily yoga practice. Subscribe to her YouTube channel for life advice, yoga tutorials, cooking demos, and hilarious rants. Follow her on Instagram for yoga inspiration (and good music). If you’re serious about yoga, I would recommend signing up for a membership at It’s only $10 a month for access to full length tutorials, and it’s SO WORTH IT. 

Loni Jane
If you love babies and pretty pictures, follow Loni Jane on Instagram.


Bonny Rebecca
Bonny radiates positivity! If you’re interested in a whole foods, plant based lifestyle follow her on Instagram and subscribe to her YouTube channel! 


Chef Mary Mattern aka nomyourself
For food porn, follow this chick on Instagram. 

food porn
Erin Janus
She doesn’t post regularly, but she puts a lot of work into her YouTube videos and they are very informative. Subscribe to her channel and follow her on Facebook and Instagram.


Ag-Gag Laws

ag gag

As many of you are aware, we live in a pseudo democracy where the laws often do not align with public interest, the justice system is unfair, and money rules everything. This is all very evident in the film Death on a Factory Farm. The 2009 documentary follows an undercover investigation by the Humane Farming Association (HFA) against a hog farm in Ohio. They received a tip from a former employee that they were abusing the animals. They hired “Pete” to seek employment on the farm and film his experience. Most of the abuse (manhandling piglets, tossing them around, bashing their heads into the concrete if they’re not growing fast enough) was and still is considered standard farming practice. Although horrific, these practices were not “cruel enough” for an animal cruelty charge. The incriminating evidence they were able to obtain was footage of employees tying chains around the necks of “downed” sows, dragging them out back, and hanging them by a tractor. Because this particularly symbolic and offensive action was unique to Wiles Hog Farm, HFA took the case to court. Watch the trial unfold.

The legal status of farm animals is property. They are considered agricultural commodities. Unlike dogs and cats, animal cruelty laws do not apply to them. What makes you think their overseers have any concern for their welfare? They fein concern when they are questioned by investigators and in their sleazy marketing, but the only concern they have is keeping the majority of them alive long enough to reach market weight, or in the case of dairy cows and layer hens, until their productivity dwindles. Crippled and diseased animals are accepted as part of the “cost of doing business.”

pile of dead pigs

The animal agriculture industries keep their activities deliberately hidden, in windowless facilities out in the middle of nowhere.


Because most people are opposed to animal cruelty, exposés are bad for business. The animal ag industry desperately wants to maintain the belief that the footage from these undercover investigations put out by PETA and other animal rights organizations are isolated incidents, showing the worst of the worst. However, video footage is pretty damning evidence, and when undercover investigations continuously reveal the same abuses and conditions across the country, it paints a pretty clear picture of reality. The animals’ lives are a living hell, their slaughter is a horror show, and there is no regard for their welfare. Older footage is less persuasive, because people assume standards have improved and “things are better now.” That’s why it’s important for undercover investigators to keep investigating, keep exposing the abuse. With the accessibility of information via the internet, the animal ag industry has become more vulnerable to whistleblowers. They have been semi-successful in passing “ag-gag” laws, which make it a criminal offense to take pictures or video in the facility without consent of the owner. Ag-Gag laws have been passed in Iowa, Utah, South Carolina, Missouri, and Arkansas. Breaking the law will put you on the terrorist watch list. So much for freedom of information… 




Vegan on $5 a Day Challenge

VS- expensive

My 7 day challenge was a success! Here’s how it went…

I had a few things to begin with, including Follow Your Heart Caesar dressing, cashews, 2 carrots, frozen spinach, grape seed oil, salt, spices, brown rice, oats, walnuts, and agave. Before I bought anything I wanted to be sure I was getting the best deals, so I made a grocery list with a price chart. Much to my surprise, almost every item on the list was cheaper at Giant (a chain) than Rodman’s, a local “Discount Store.” I spent $23 initially, and then $12 later in the week. 


peasant diet'

Monday and Tuesday
-4 bananas
-burrito with black beans, brown rice, half an avocado, and salsa
-caesar salad with iceberg lettuce and chick peas
-oven fries (4 small/medium sized russet potatoes) light oil, salt, and spices
-1/4 cup cashews and a carrot for a late night snack

oven fried

-1 banana
-a cranberry orange bagel with Tofutti cream cheese (bagel day at the office!!)
-an apple with almond butter (courtesy of PCRM)
-caesar salad with chick peas
-whole wheat penne pasta with tomato basil marinara sauce
-3 medium potatoes

-banana smoothie (4 bananas, spinach, and mango nectar)
-a cinnamon raisin bagel (they had leftovers… gotta take advantage of free food)
-an orange
-caesar salad with chick peas
-penne pasta
-a tofu “breakfast burrito” with potatoes cut into small cubes, tofu scramble (with turmeric, salt, and pepper), black beans, and salsa

peasant smoothie

-banana smoothie (same as Thursday)
-tofu breakfast burrito
-caesar salad
-mashed potatoes with Earth balance, salt, and spices (without some sort of milk, mashed potatoes are no bueno)
-oatmeal with walnuts and agave

-banana smoothie (4 bananas, spinach, and peach nectar)
-chocolate coconut Luna bar
-blueberry fig bar (the bars were both $1, and I had $2 left to spend- I totally intended to save one for Sunday… lol)
-burrito with rice, beans, tofu, avo, and salsa
-leftover mashed potatoes

-banana smoothie (same as Saturday)
-oven fries

Why didn’t I include the items I already had in my $35 budget? Well, at the end of the week, I still had a third of a bag of potatoes, about 10 bananas, at least a cup of uncooked brown rice, a third of a block of tofu, 2 tortillas, cashews, a little bit of peach nectar, and half of my second jar of salsa left, and I didn’t want to complicate things.

So is $5 a day sustainable? Calorically, yes. I wasn’t hungry. According to CRON-O-Meter, my peasant diet was nutritionally adequate. For anyone who is afraid of carbs and thinks eating 4 bananas for breakfast and 4 potatoes for dinner is insane, fear not. Carbs give you ENERGY my friends. They do not make you fat. Fat makes you fat. Here’s a more detailed explanation taken from Dr. Neal Barnard’s book, Breaking the Food Seduction.


I felt great physically. However, I am used to a more diverse flavor profile, so I definitely got bored of eating the same things. It was a fun learning experience, but I am grateful to have a less restrictive budget. 

The Circle of Life


“The circle of life” is a classic defense for eating meat (and usually the first defense), yet once you dissect it, you begin to realize how completely backwards it is. Despite so many Disney movies having animal-friendly messages (101 Dalmatians, Bambi, the Jungle Book, The Fox & the Hound), people act like the message in the Lion King (a movie about LIONS living in the freaking serengeti) is the most relevant to their life.

VS- carnivorous beast

The very premise of the argument is based on a logical fallacy- an appeal to nature. What is natural is therefore “good.” I know what you’re thinking- I’m making an appeal to nature when I point out how unnatural it is to be drinking the milk of another species, that we are anatomically herbivorous, etc. An appeal to nature is suggesting that because something is unnatural, it is unhealthy or unethical. The reason I raise these points, however, is to show that there is no need for us to consume animal products to survive. Why would we need the milk of another species for calcium? The fact alone that cow’s milk is unnatural is not the reason it is unethical. The cruelty, confinement, and sexual exploitation of dairy cows is what makes supporting the industry immoral. Therefore, I am not making an appeal to nature with such claims. 

VS- internet

This mechanized system of factory farming and slaughter that we have developed is not the circle of “life,” it is the circle of torment and death, and it is the opposite of “natural.” The method of killing pigs deemed most “humane” is a gas chamber. A GAS CHAMBER. You know, one of the common methods used to massacre Jews during the holocaust. Let’s not forget about the fact that we are breeding BILLIONS of animals into existence through forced impregnation aka ARTIFICIAL insemination. Natural, huh?


And lastly, meat, dairy, and eggs are not promoting health, vitality, and LIFE, but rather, disease, cancer, and DEATH (not to mention environmental destruction, loss of biodiversity, etc…). Want to thrive, not just survive? Take on your natural role in the circle of life by eating WHOLE PLANT FOODS. 

What I ate this week

It’s been awhile since I posted “What I Eat,” so I figured I’d track what I’ve been eating lately. Let me know if this is helpful, and if you want me to do it more often!

Monday (today was weird; I basically ate 3 breakfasts):
-Bowl of Mueslix with almond milk
-Nature’s Bakery Apple Cinnamon Fig Bar
-Silk Strawberry Soy Yogurt
-Sweet Earth Za’atar burger with lettuce, hummus, and cucumber in a whole wheat pita

-an orange and a banana as a snack
-Kashi cereal with cut up strawberries and almond milk
-a simple Caesar salad (iceberg lettuce, three-grain tempeh sautéed in a little bit of grape-seed oil, and Follow Your Heart Vegan Caesar dressing) with red potatoes
-So Delicious Chocolate Cookies & Cream cashew milk ice cream

caesar salad

-Mueslix with almond milk
-Thai basil noodles with tofu and a veggie spring roll (I went out for lunch)
-Daiya Blueberry “Greek Yogurt”
-two golden mangoes
-Caesar salad + potatoes round 2
-Ice cream round 2

cookies and cream

-Bagel day at the office!! (PCRM rocks) onion bagel + Tofutti cream cheese (non-hydrogenated)
-Daiya Cherry “Greek Yogurt”
-Kashi cereal with strawberries and almond milk
-Green smoothie (frozen mixed peaches, pineapple, mango, and strawberries + 1 banana + handful of spinach + coconut water)
-a fig bar
-chocolate coconut Clif Bar
-1 golden mango
-noodles with tempeh, broccoli, carrots, mushroom, peanut sauce (peanut butter + soy sauce) and cashews

tempeh noodle

-1 golden mango

fruit lunch
-green smoothie (2 bananas + frozen peaches + spinach + coconut water)
-Kashi cereal with strawberries and almond milk
-hummus and toasted pita bread
-Red curry with broccoli, carrots, mushrooms, green beans, cashews, and brown rice

thai red curry

-green smoothie (2 bananas + frozen peaches + spinach + coconut water)
-leftover curry
-hummus and toasted pita bread
-I WAS going to go to this vegan restaurant in town for dinner but my friend is a flakey ass bitch who doesn’t know how to communicate (I hope you’re reading this :P) and that plan fell through, so instead I made half of Amy’s No Cheese pizza and added sautéed onion, red pepper, and mushrooms to it
-blueberry granola with almond milk as a late night snack

amy's pizza

-granola with almond milk
-Sweet Earth teriyaki burger in a whole wheat pita with sautéed onion, red pepper, and mushrooms, avocado, and lettuce (this was BOMB)
-other half of my pizza with added toppings (I cut it in half while it was still frozen because it is MUCH better fresh out of the oven)
-chocolate hazelnut Luna bar


Hypothetical questions

VS- desert island

“‘If you were alone on a deserted island with a pig, would you eat the pig or starve?’

‘Hmm. If you were not alone, living on a planet with 7 billion people, had access to unlimited fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, beans, and other healthy foods, and knew animals suffer and die horrible deaths so you could eat them when you don’t need to eat them to survive, would you continue to eat them? The difference between our questions is that your scenario will never happen and mine is the choice you face right now. Which do you believe is worth answering?'” -Andrew Kirschner

I think we can agree that it is morally wrong to take the life of another, unless out of self defense. If you were truly starving, and could not get an adequate amount of calories from foraging, killing an animal would be an act of self-defense (defense against starvation). Therefore, it would be ethically justifiable. However, THIS IS NO LONGER THE WORLD WE LIVE IN. You are not currently on a deserted island fighting to survive. If you are reading this blog, you do not live in a developing country, but rather, a modern society with access to grocery stores with an abundance of options (tasty options). Yes, I am aware of what food deserts are, but I’m willing to bet you don’t live in one. 

It is rare that we are faced with ethical dilemmas regarding animals, such as the one at the Cincinnati Zoo. But the choice to consume animal products is no moral dilemma. The answer is as clear as day. Not only is it unnecessary to consume animal products, it is disastrous for our health and the planet. There is not one rational justification to continue eating meat. 

VS- brain

Hypothetical questions are just that- hypothetical. Why not focus on reality?

Veganism is too extreme!!

pig roast

***Disclaimer: you do not have to view veganism as an all or nothing proposition. PLEASE BY ALL MEANS reduce your meat consumption if you prefer to take a more “moderate” position. Try Meatless Mondays. Give yourself a freaking gold star every time you eat a vegan meal. Follow the Vegan Bros on Facebook- they take a very rational, unemotional, non-judgmental approach to veganism and applaud ANY effort someone makes to reduce animal suffering. They even praise hunters who don’t support factory farming, as it is the lesser of two evils. Obviously, less suffering and environmental destruction is better than more suffering and environmental destruction. And obviously, consuming artery-clogging and carcinogenic food in moderation is better for your health. 

For clarity, I understand that the textbook definition of “extreme” is deviating from the norm (in which case, veganism is “extreme,” as it is a rejection of the cultural norm). However, when people call vegans “extremists,” the term carries a negative connotation. When I argue that veganism is not extreme, I am saying that it is not extreme in the sense that people use the word “extreme.” 

The year is 2016 and it has never been easier to be vegan. I have mad respect for people who went vegan 20+ years ago, when it was actually difficult. People didn’t even know what the word meant. Nowadays, veganism is becoming increasingly more widespread, and vegan alternatives (non-dairy milk, butter, mock meat, etc) are available in nearly every grocery store. “It’s inconvenient” wasn’t a good excuse 2 decades ago, and it certainly isn’t a good excuse now. 

For those whose mantra is “moderation,” I have a few questions. First, what is your definition of moderation? Because moderation is a relative term. If you go from smoking a pack a day to half a pack a day, would you then consider yourself a “moderate smoker?” Second, what qualifies something as “ok in moderation?” Perhaps an activity in which the negative effects are not felt unless it is done in excess? The game changes when you switch from discussing the negative consequences of eating animal products on your health to the negative consequences overall. Wouldn’t you agree that there are some things we should avoid completely (hard drugs, like heroin, for example)? Is child abuse ok in moderation? Is rape ok in moderation? Do you really think animal cruelty is ok in moderation? 

Was Harriet Tubman a “radical extremist” for fighting to abolish slavery? Were civil rights activists “taking things to extremes” when they argued that “separate but equal” was still oppressive? With these comparisons, I am not suggesting that we must value all creatures equally (I will openly admit that I am a speciesist, and hold humans in a slightly higher regard). I am merely saying that animals are here with us not for us, and they deserve bodily autonomy and freedom from intentional harm. Is that really such a crazy idea??

VS- radical extremist

Extreme is having a triple bypass surgery because your arteries are so clogged with plaque that blood can’t reach your heart. Extreme is having your stomach stapled. Extreme is having your fat frozen off. Extreme is paying Big Pharma for medication (Lipitor, Viagra, etc, etc) to treat symptoms rather than addressing the problem. Extreme is destroying 91% of the Amazon rainforest to raise livestock. Extreme is feeding 70% of our grain to animals while millions of people starve. Extreme is eating in a way that requires double the amount of water, while severe drought plagues California. Extreme is the current state of our oceans and the collapse of marine ecosystems due to overfishing. Extreme is the amount of shit from large feeding operations that is polluting our air and water. Extreme is the slaughter of 10 billion animals in the U.S. annually, for no purpose other than taste and tradition. Extreme is treating our pets like royalty while completely disregarding the welfare of cows, pigs, and chickens. Extreme is silencing activists by passing “ag gag” laws. Extreme is drinking the milk of another species into adulthood. Extreme is putting coagulated bovine secretions on everything. Extreme is antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria emerging from factory farms threatening the health of the public. Extreme is comparing yourself to a wild predator. Extreme is trying to justify and defend barbaric behavior because you don’t want to change. I could go on and on…

VS- limbo

By now, I hope you see my point. Veganism is not extreme- carnism is extreme. Maintaining the status quo is extremely inefficient, unhealthy, unethical, and unsustainable.


Is veganism radical? I’d say so. Veganism has radically changed my life for the better, and given the current state of our world, we need radical change. 

VS- walls

This post is about ice cream

I’m assuming that if you read my blog, you’re somewhat sympathetic to veganism. You’re aware of the ethical, environmental, and health concerns regarding animal agriculture, and you’d love to be vegan… but you’re still not convinced that vegan food is up to par? You can’t imagine life without your favorite foods? I am here to deliver the good news- you don’t have to give up your favorite foods! Plants offer a very wide flavor and texture profile. Need proof? Vegan ice cream.

It’s not controversial to say that if you don’t like ice cream, you’re a freak. Maybe it’s not your favorite dessert, but who doesn’t love ice cream??? Ice cream is delicious. Try these brands and flavors that I have selected and you will concede that going vegan does not require sacrificing taste.

My top picks:

So Delicious Cashew Milk Ice Cream:
My favorite flavors- Salted Caramel Cluster and Snickerdoodle. Could fool anyone in a blind taste test. Available at most grocery stores. 

cashew milk ice cream

Ben & Jerry’s Non-Dairy:
My favorites- PB & Cookies, Caramel Coffee, and Chunky Monkey. All three flavors won the approval of my parents, brothers, and grandma. Available at Publix and Target. You can get PB & Cookies by the scoop or as a milkshake at Ben & Jerry’s!! 

ben & jerry's

So Delicious Coconut-Almond bars, and Mocha Almond Fudge bars:
Available at most grocery stores (including Wal-Mart!)mochaLuna & Larry’s Coconut Bliss:
My favorite- Salted Caramel Chocolate ice cream bars. Available at most grocery stores.  

luna & larry's bars

Tofutti Cuties ice cream sandwiches:
Taste pretty standard. Available at most grocery stores.


Rice Dream Mint Pie:
Soooo freaking good. Available for individual purchase at Whole Foods and the Daily Co-op in Athens (and elsewhere) 

mint pie

A nutrition comparison:

Ben & Jerry’s Original Fudge Brownie:
Serving size: 1/2 cup
Calories: 260
Calories from fat: 120
Total fat: 13g
Saturated fat: 8g
Cholesterol: 50mg


Ben & Jerry’s Non-Dairy Fudge Brownie:
Serving size: 1/2 cup
Calories: 200
Calories from fat: 100
Total fat: 11g
Saturated fat: 6g
Cholesterol: 0mg


So Delicious Cashew Milk Salted Caramel Cluster:
Serving size: 1/2 cup
Calories: 180
Calories from fat: 80
Total fat: 9g
Saturated fat: 2.5g
Cholesterol: 0mg

Fun/gross fact: Cow’s milk may be pasteurized, but heat does not remove pus or blood… Dairy is scary.

Vegan ice cream > conventional ice cream. It’s just as rich and creamy and decadent, completely free of pus, blood, hormones, and cholesterol, has fewer calories from fat (in the case of cashew milk ice cream, significantly fewer calories), and you can eat it with a clear conscience, knowing that you are not supporting animal cruelty, and you’re not adding insult to injury to the inevitable environmental destruction you cause by existing (be sure to recycle the carton!). It’s marginally pricier, but as an occasional treat, it’s not going to put a dent in your wallet. You’re paying for a higher quality product (and remember, dairy is artificially cheap because it is subsidized by the government).

No cows need to suffer for you to…

treat yoself